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organic english breakfast and organic puer blend


First things first!


You are known to be ten toes down and eleven steps ahead.

This is your vibe. Classic English Breakfast tea is full bodied, rich in caramelized maple flavor & has been enjoyed since the 1800's in the UK… or something like that. 

We don't live in the past now, do we?!

Start your morning off present & focused.


Milk and sugar? Why, yes please!



step 1: heat water to 212°F

step 2: add 2 tsp of tea per 8oz cup to be brewed

step 3: pour hot water over the tea and let steep for 4 min

step 4: filter and serve


bag serving: approx. 20 cups


  • certified organic
  • gluten free
  • non gmo

origin: farmed organically on Wuyi Mountain in Nanping, Fujian province - China. Puer - organic, cooked/ripe from Menghai, Yunnan region. Main origin of this type of tea. Almost every county in Yunnan produces it.


Not available to be shipped outside of the United States.

Please note that all sales are final and cannot be returned or exchanged.



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