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q: what if I'm not a badbitch?

a: 👋🏽 

q: what do you mean nofrills. nobullshit. justtea?

a: exactly that. 

q: okay but what kinda tea are you serving me tho?

a: only premium obviously. the best for the baddest. quality speaks louder than words.

q: why do some of your teas not have a USDA seal?

a: because some hail from a small farm in Thailand and official certifications can be expensive to obtain. that being said, this co-op of ladies farms the butterfly pea flowers 100 % organically.

q: is your tea certified gluten free?

a: one size does not fit all. each tea is special in its own way with its own story and heritage - check each tea for specific certifications and info.

q: what is this glowup witch craft?

a: clitoria ternatea  sounds super sexy and it is. Our pea flower tea is caffeine free and high in antioxidants to protect your body from cell damage. Pea flower tea is naturally dark blue but turns beautifully pink when the pH level changes by adding something acidic like lemon juice.

q: where is your matcha from?

a: 🇯🇵

q: where do your teas come from?

a: expertly sourced from loving farmers worldwide. from rare remote villages to 3rd gen family-run tea makers.

q: is your tea fair trade?

a: all our tea is bought direct - the farmers set their prices to what they think is fair

q: how many cups of tea do I get out of each bag?

a: approx. 20

q: whats the approx shipping time?

a: 5-7 business days

q: what if I haven't received my order?

a: please email

q: noreturns. noexchanges. is that right?

a: yup

q: whats your favorite tea cocktail recipe?

a: we 💕 this one. tag us in your own creations @badbitchteahaus 

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